As a craft roaster of specialty coffee, it is our priority to ensure a fresh and consistent product of the highest quality.

Caffe Fantastico is discerning about which farms our beans come from. We travel the world around, developing lasting relationships with our farmers and their families. We are committed to paying the fairest price for the best beans available in order to maintain our dedication to integrity. The relationships we build with our wholesale clients are no different. We strive to match ourselves with like-minded, quality-focused businesses that understand that the caliber of their coffee is essential to providing a consistent standard of excellence.

Caffe Fantastico offers a unique variety of high quality specialty coffee, equipment, and services to our wholesale clients. We are able to provide your staff with training, and strategies for quality control in order to ensure that the coffee you serve meets the high standard. Our team of roasters and brewers will provide you with ongoing support so that you can take an active approach in educating your clientele on the origin of the bean, the flavor profiles it offers, and how to best prepare that perfect cup of coffee to round out their experience.

We work with well-loved local cafés, restaurants and specialty grocery shops that share our love for a finely roasted bean. Our wholesale clients understand that the quality of the cup of coffee they serve is reflective of the overall quality of their business. We provide them with superior coffee and products to match their desire to produce the finest locally crafted food and beverages available, focusing on quality, craft and innovation. Whether you are offering filtered coffee brewed to golden cup standard or full espresso service, a Caffe Fantasico Coffee Program embraces your holistic approach to ensuring outstanding quality in every aspect of your business.