Signature Espresso


Receive two pounds of freshly roasted coffee delivered every 2 weeks, right to your door.  Enjoy the luxury of always having the best coffee at hand for only 50 cents per cup.

In this package you will receive our house espresso, the Causeway Fantastico.  A rich and balanced blend that really satisfies. Chocolate and caramel notes along with warm nut and buttery elements. Complimented by hints of dried fruit and spice.  Our delicious Decaf Fantastico may be substituted at any time, for those reducing caffeine or wishing to enjoy the unique flavour profile of our popular house decaf!

Price is for a 3-month subscription and is made up of 6 shipments of 2lbs each, including all shipping within Canada.   When renewing for a second term, a bonus 7th shipment is included!

For more information on subscriptions please refer to terms.