Sun-dried Malinal Nayarita


Fruit forward sweet jammy strawberry/cherry notes, subtle spice and custard undertones.


The western state of Nayarit is situated just north of Puerto Vallarta and is home to 26  smallholder coffee growers. nearly all of these growers are clustered around an extinct volcano, Cerro San Juan, located immediately to the west of the capital Tepic. here, prevailing westerly winds from the pacific form moisture laden clouds that sustain the high altitude rain forest so favored by the world’s best coffees.

The coffee growers work in harmony with nature, taking full advantage of the benefits of shade growth cultivation. By utilizing the natural shade of the rain forest canopy, the growers lessen their impact on the delicate ecosystem, in effect protecting the rain forest and its living habitat. In turn, the forest’s birds and insects enhance the organic growing methods practiced.

We are pleased to offer this unusual yet delightful offering in that it is a dry-process coffee from Mexico, which is rare.  Dry or natural process is all done manually, by highly experienced people and requires many hours of labor.

The coffee cherries are exposed to the sun on patios and the fruit is slowly dried and begins to harden for several weeks. They are repeatedly rotated and raked several times a day to ensure they are dried evenly. once the ideal moisture content is achieved, the hard fruit husks and parchment are removed from the bean, which are then sorted and graded.