Sulawesi Toarco Jaya


Flavours of dates, panela, savoury spices, and stone fruit in the realm of peach, plum and apricot.  Richly layered, complex, with a heavy, satin-like mouthfeel.


Sulawesi is an island in the Indonesian archipelago and was formally known as Celebes, which was its Dutch colonial name. Unlike many of Indonesia’s islands, Sulawesi is geologically ancient, dating back more than 100 million years. This long history has resulted in soils with high iron content, thought to affect coffee flavour.

This lot is named after the primary region for high grown Arabica production, a mountainous area called Tana Toraja, in the central highlands of Sulawesi.  The Japanese coffee processing company, Toarco, has been working with coffee farmers in the Tana Toraja region for almost 40 years. Over this time they have developed strict processing and quality assurance standards for each coffee lot.

The Toarco Company works with over 7,000 families and farmers, offering free seedlings and coffee cultivation training programs to support the community and the future business for the region.