25th Anniversary Celebration

Date: June 2018
An evening of food, drink, and musical merriment with our closest customers and friends, enjoying never-before access to all of the backstage, secret areas of our Fantastico Roastery. Performances by Towers + Trees, Oliver Swain, LYNX, Bend Sinister, and Dephicit.

Guatemala 2016

Origin:  Guatemala
Date: November 2016
Traveling: Ryan & Kristy Taylor, with children Toven and Ceyla
Coffees:  Guatemala Finca Jauja / Guatemala Finca Jauja Yellow Bourbon
Our family was able to return to Guatemala to visit the coffee farm Finca Jauja, where both our Finca Jauja single origin and our Finca Jauja Yellow Bourbon originate from.  Our children were especially excited to see Ricardo Zelaya again, the man in charge of the Guatemalan coffees that we are so lucky to use at Caffe Fantastico.  We all visited this farm three years ago and it was very interesting to see the farm develop into an even more productive and healthy farm.  When we visited the cherries were fully ripening and the harvest looked lively and plentiful, so many beautiful deep red coffee cherries.  Our children were happy to find the yellow bourbon trees with the yellow fruit that is so sweet, delicious and reminds them of apricots.   Thanks to Ricardo for his amazing coffee tours and gracious hospitality and the chance to showcase his Guatemalan coffee at Caffe Fantastico.
– Kristy Taylor

Colombia 2016

Origin:  Colombia
Date: September 2016
Traveling: Derek Allen
Coffee:  Colombia Finca Los Idolos
Reporting from Colombia, head roaster Derek Allen beams back a first picture of Edgar Efren Meneses and his family.  At Fantastico, sourcing of unique coffees starts with establishing personal connections.
It has been an amazing 10 days in Colombia visiting coffee farms, cupping many great coffees, and meeting some wonderful people. It is a beautiful country, and it’s people are very hospitable, and really know how to have a good time. Gracias Colombia!
– Derek Allen
Head Roaster

Panama 2014 – Family Coffee Tour

Origin:  Panama
Date: November 2014
Traveling: Ryan & Kristy Taylor, with children Toven and Ceyla
Coffee:  Panama La Gloria

A short while ago I fell in love with a coffee on the cupping table from Bouquete Panama, La Gloria. We were lucky enough to secure the lot and roast it at Fantastico in October. Today the whole family walked into the coffee wonderland of Finca La Gloria, one of the most amazing coffee farms we have ever visited. Norberto Suarez, a third generation coffee producer has been a gracious host taking us so high up in the mountains through his jungle of coffee and sharing with us so much knowledge. Here are a few photos to share with you, lots more to come!

– Kristy Taylor

Mexico 2014 – Family Coffee Tour

Origin:  Mexico
Date: March 2014
Traveling: Ryan & Kristy Taylor with children Toven and Ceyla
Coffee:  Mexico Malinal Nayarita / Sun Dried Malinal Nayarita

Mexico family coffee tour! Hola, here we are on another fantastic coffee adventure. These photos are from a coffee community and collectives in the mountains outside of Tepic, Mexico. This is the coffee that makes up our exceptional Mexico Malinal Nayarita.

– Kristy Taylor

Guatemala 2013 – Family Coffee Tour

Origin:  Guatemala
Date: March 2013
Traveling: Ryan and Kristy Taylor, Toven and Ceyla too!
Coffee:  Guatemala Finca Juaja, Finca Juaja Yellow Bourbon, Carrizal, Guatemala San Agustin

Today was a big amazing day in Guatemala, our first day here. After a successful day of travel to Antigua we were picked up by our gracious host and coffee farmer, Ricardo. We visited Finca Jauja and Finca

Santa Clara where we were able to see all the sights of a coffee farm and production. Our kids were enthralled with every detail and loved chewing coffee cherries, learning about the wet mill and drying process, and amazing ride to the skybar. To top off the day the volcano erupted!

– Kristy Taylor

Mexico 2009

Origin:  Mexico
Date: February 2009
Traveling: Derek Allen & Gareth Edwards
Coffee:  Mexico Malinal Nayarita / Sun Dried Malinal Nayarita
Boarding a bus in Puerto Vallarta, we head north into the mountains towards Tepic, the capital of Nayarite state.  As our longest standing relationship through specialty coffee, both Derek and I are very excited to be connecting with Jim Kosalas in person, and to experience first-hand the hard work that goes in to producing such beautiful coffee.
– Gareth Edwards
General Manager

Ethiopia 2008

Origin:  Ethiopia
Date: February 2008
Traveling: Ryan Taylor and Derek Allen
Coffee:  Ethiopia Kaffa Forest
In 2008, roaster Derek Allen & owner Ryan Taylor were invited to attend a round table conference in Ethiopia. As well as experiencing current practices and the cultural significance in the birthplace of coffee, the trip was an excellent opportunity to get off of the beaten track and establish some connection with farmers and producers. This paved the way for our coffee, Ethiopia Kaffa Forest.